C & D Kolsch - Elk River Brewing Co - Elkton, MD

C&D Kolsch

A light bodied beer that has a crisp finish and is delicate and oh-so-drinkable. Made with light doses of Saaz, Hallertauer, and Spalt hops and a traditional German Kolsch yeast, this thirst quenching beer is perfect for warm summer days!

(Approximate ABV 5.0%, 23 IBUs)

'Wish It Were Summer' Ale - Elk River Brewing Co - Elkton, MD

Chesapeake Bay Summer Ale

Brewed with 2-Row and Pilsner malts, this is the perfect beer to enjoy a hot summer day.  Well rounded and smooth, this classic American style is simple and refreshing.

(Approximate ABV 5.0%, 22 IBUs)

Sasafras Saison - Elk River Brewing Co - Elkton, MD

Sassafras Saison

This traditional farmhouse ale is not just for summertime!  Brewed with pilsner malt and Noble hops, this beer is easy to drink and offers a sweet and fruity finish.

(Approximate ABV 6.5%, 23 IBUs)

North East River Pale Ale - Elk River Brewing Co - Elkton, MD

North East River Pale Ale

Brewed with Cascade and Galaxy hops, our pale ale offers a floral, fruity and citrus-like aroma. It is a medium-bodied beer with low to medium caramel, and carries with it a toasted maltiness.

(Approximate ABV 5.0%, 41 IBUs)

Octoraro Red - Elk River Brewing Co - Elkton, MD

Octoraro Red

This well balanced beer uses kilned malts and roasted barley which provides its nice rich color.  Our Irish Red is the perfect beer for those new to the craft world.  With notes of caramel and toffee, this beer has complex flavors, but is light bodied and isn’t just for St. Patrick’s day!

(Approximate ABV 4.8%, 24 IBUs)

Elk River IPA - Elk River Brewing Co - Elkton, MD

Elk River I.P.A.

This is not your grandpa’s I.P.A. – Our I.P.A. is brewed with pale ale, Maris Otter, Munich and Caramel malts.  This beer is all about the hops with a foursome of Columbus, Centennial, Cascade and Citra hops which offers a floral and citrus-like aroma, and a piney, resinous finish.

(Approximate ABV 6.0%, 53 IBUs)

Bohemia Belgian - Elk River Brewing Co - Elkton, MD

Bohemia Belgian

Our Golden Ale is full of complex characteristics.  You can’t help but notice it’s banana ester’s and fruity finish. Lighter than a traditional Tripel, the Golden Ale still serves up that Belgian spiciness from Belgian yeast.

(Approximate ABV 8.0%, 30 IBUs)

Susquehana Stout - Elk River Brewing Co - Elkton, MD

Susky River Stout

Our American stout beer blends generous amounts of dark malts with Nugget and Willamette hops to offer an adventurous experience that is unmatched by other styles of beer.  A bit heavier than a traditional Irish Stout, this bold and dark beer has a crisp finish that can be enjoyed year round.

(Approximate ABV 7.0%, 53 IBUs)

Principio Pumpkin Ale - Elk River Brewing Co - Elkton, MD

Principio Pumpkin

The most seasonal of seasonal beers, nothing says fall quite like a good pumpkin beer. Brewed with pumpkin puree, and pumpkin pie spices, this amber ale is sure to warm your soul and prepare you for cool crisp fall nights sitting by a campfire.

(Approximate ABV 6.0%, 21 IBUs)

Bainbridge Black I.P.A.

Brewed mainly with Maris Otter malts along with a smattering of Caramel, Munich and Chocolate malts, this rich IPA is sure to be enjoyed by IPA fans everywhere. Galena hops are used for bittering, while Cascade, Columbus and Centennial hops were added for flavor and aroma. Citra hops were also used for dry hopping.

(Approximate ABV 7.0%, 71 IBUs)

Elk River IPA - Elk River Brewing Co - Elkton, MD

Dunrite I.P.A.

Named after the man who helped make our vision come to life, this IPA has that hoppy aroma and bitterness that IPA lovers look for. Hopped with heavy doses of Columbus, Summit, Cascade and Centennial hops, then dry hopped with Citra and Amarillo hops!  This is a beer for the true IPA lover!

(Approximate ABV 7.5%, 111 IBUs)

Mayor Rob Altbier - Elk River Brewing Co - Elkton, MD

Mayor Rob Altbier

Our Altbier has a rich dark copper color and is fermented at a moderate temperature using a top fermenting yeast which gives its flavor some fruitiness, but matured at a cooler temperature, which gives it a cleaner and crisper taste more akin to lager beer styles than in the norm for top-fermented beers, such as a British style pale ale.

(Approximate ABV 5.7%, 44 IBUs)

Great Oak Robust Porter

This extra strong, malty ale is aged with Madagascar Vanilla bean and toasted oak chips.  This robust ports packs a punch of flavor.

(Approximate ABV 9.1%, 47 IBUs)

C & D Kolsch - Elk River Brewing Co - Elkton, MD

Herring Creek Helles Lager

This beer is full bodied, midly sweet, light colored and has very low bitterness.  A Munich-style Helles, this is a yellow beer with bottom fermenting yeast.  It is similar to a pilsner, but with less pronounced hop flavor.

(Approximate ABV 5.0%, 20 IBUs)

Back Creek ESB - Elk River Brewing Co - Elkton, MD

Back Creek E.S.B.

Our E.S.B. has a little more kick than you might come to expect from its classic style.  Brewed more like an English Style IPA we include Kent Goldings hops and Maris Otter and Crystal malts.  Different from its American brother, there is a noted balance between the malt and hops for a more rounded beer.

(Approximate ABV 7.0%, 54 IBUs)

Pub Pretzel

Served with a spicy mustard and Elk River Beer Cheese.

The Brew Burger

Served with bacon, beer onions, BBQ Sauce, Elk River Beer Cheese and a willamette hops aoili. Served with French Fries.

Bratwurst Sandwich

Served with carmalized onions and Elk River Beer Cheese. Served with French Fries.

Boneless Wings

Buffalo, BBQ or Elk River Sauce. Served with Bleu Cheese or Ranch.

Loaded Fries

Served with Elk River Beer Cheese, bacon and a side of Ranch.

All food items are provided by C3ntral Tavern, located just across the way from us. #WeAreElkton